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carabear hey yall, i know this is SUPER short notice, but wildfires don't exactly come on schedule either. our neighbors are losing their livelihoods, and we're entirely capable of making a difference.

@crownjules and i are hosting an impromptu potluck this wednesday night w/a goal of collecting both supplies and funds for the ventura county community fund/the humane society of ventura county/the red cross. planning to actually deliver those things by thursday/friday at the latest.

link in bio for the list of requested items and links to paypal for donations if you can't make it. dm me for the address. THANK YOU! #woolseyfire #buttefire #sanfrancisco #sanfran #venturacounty #california #cafires #malibufire
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crownjules We can do so much, so let's DO IT

7 minutes ago