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cara daviesa doctor AND a physicist, man.
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April 7, 2019 exploring the new house. i think she's a fan, @wyattderp. #noodlesgram #noodlesproofing #rescuemutt #sfrealestate 510 32
April 6, 2019 thesis complesis. full circle. it's been a few weeks since handing it in, but it still hasn't hit me. #womeninstem #astrophysics #phd 2,201 915
April 3, 2019 she resents me for filling her cardboard box throne with dishes, so i got her catnip sushi to make up for it. i feel like we're making progress here. #chewtwo #movingproblems 883 51
April 2, 2019 killed at flagship #crossfit, while boris looks into the camera like he's on the office. #ireallydontliketherower 650 72
March 31, 2019 travel-lagged, but this was too good to miss. food truck art imitates life. noodles is honored. @presidiosf @momonoodlesf 494 36
March 29, 2019 one last sunset in costa rica. one less bikini top. #awshucks 1,024 95
March 27, 2019 somewhere in the distance, the guns 'n roses backing track intensifies. #laparioscr 625 141
March 26, 2019 life is so much better with you in it. #instagramloveletter 1,328 240
March 26, 2019 i would be the person to find the planes in the jungle. (it's a tourist exhibit, yall. relax.) 212 34
March 25, 2019 we've arrived. vacation responder's on, scholars. #laparioslodge #laparioscr 886 82
March 24, 2019 buying the pet cam that shoots treats was a bad idea. it's only hour two. 118 21
March 24, 2019 teach a man to fish and he eats for life. teach @crownjules to use a battery-powered screwdriver and she'll conquer the universe. 505 80