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cara davies,, physicist, woman in STEM.
stanford cardinal, georgia peach, dog mom. #yesmaam
June 2, 2019 bergen bae-gels. success. 568 109
June 1, 2019 @nycresistor thank you for being so good to us. and for tolerating my n00b h4x0rz. 3,634 915
June 1, 2019 action shot: @wyattderp in a compact lyft. not pictured: @carabear ugly crying happy tears when she realizes he's in a compact lyft in brooklyn. #modernlove 6,043 904
May 31, 2019 when in new york, drop in as a guest lecturer at columbia's physics department with your research. i go on in half an hour; come by to hear me talk about black holes and tackling unknowns. #doctordavies #womeninstem #columbiauniversity #theforum #SPACEISCOOL 650 72
May 31, 2019 i tried to take a picture of this beautiful, expensive latte. and then there's @dec. 2,794 53
May 30, 2019 relevant. #overheardnewyork 2,024 95
May 30, 2019 wandering the met with one of the bravest, most-intelligent women i know. the armor would fit you, cecily. 1,928 141
May 30, 2019 sat in an interesting chat about gender-bias being enforced by AI's that are feminine in tone. the joke was that women get things done, but what does this mean for our perception of a woman/womxn's role in the home? 1,322 240
May 29, 2019 quality time before leaving for a week. sorry for the short notice, noods. mama needs to go see a friend about a job. #noodlesgram 812 34
May 29, 2019 friday picked a good one this morning. #smarthouseadventures 72 29
May 29, 2019 somehow, the toaster in our house got replaced. and now all of our toast looks like THIS. 4,402 506
May 28, 2019 "did you know that space sun fish have BIG TEETH?" (watch out, @crownjules, they do.) #artwithjeremiah 2,710 79
May 28, 2019 working very hard on our jellyfish today. #artwithjeremiah 886 64
May 27, 2019 cleaning out my office and poking my head into old haunts. stanford university, i will miss you. very much. #gocardinals 988 101
May 24, 2019 BLACK STAR. #foxtheater #oakland #mosdef #talibkweli #yasiinbey 2,505 180
May 23, 2019 @repostapp: @aclu_nationwide YOU should be in control of your body, no matter your gender. 886 111
May 23, 2019 #tbt. that moment when grad school letter-writing finally paid off. 5,018 2,101
May 21, 2019 we need buttons. pins. or jackets. @londonlondoff #247club 3,218 194